The Spanish have a word for foreigners. You know the ones I’m on about; socks with sandals, bright red skin from lack of sun cream, speaking English loudly and slowly in order to be understood, all the while sitting in an expat bar eating and drinking British food. They call such a person a guiri.

Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, the word guiri really just means foreigner, but this little word however became my nickname when I first lived in Spain. Just to clarify, I’ve never worn sandals with socks, I can speak pretty decent Spanish and have a slightly unhealthy obsession with tapas. The more I got called the guiri, the more I tried to do everything to blend in to typical Spanish life but the name stuck and I now embrace it.

rossThis blog is a place for me to share what THE GUIRI, also known as Ross Clarke, eats, makes, says, tries and visits. Expect a lot of Welsh and Spanish bits, brightly coloured things, and as ever, a lot of food, travel and general nonsense.

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