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Seoul first impressions

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Not the best start to a trip if ever there was one, getting  my wallet stolen pretty much as soon as I’d stepped off the plane at Seoul Incheon Airport. Still, after a mild panic and the kindness of a few Korean strangers  (one man with his family even offered to give me money), I figured things could be worse (no passport). So after a quick chat to a police officer in disbelief that something like this had happened in Seoul and after having my bags checked several times to make sure I wasn’t making things up, I was finally able to set off for Seoul. Oh and the policeman complimented me on my packing skills.

Seoul seems very cool on first impressions, from quirky architecture to super-cool cafes and chic street style. Here are five initial thoughts about Seoul:

1. Escalators move really slowly

2. People dress really well – smart and simple

3. The city or rather the citizens seem to love coffee and tea as there is a huge variety of tea houses and coffee shops

4. English is everywhere, on signs, labels, menus etc and it’s good too!

5. They seem to love steak. You can buy it in nearly every restaurant or street food stall.

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